© 2018 by Femi Ojo.

I love abstract art. It speaks loudly to some and softly to others. And to some it says nothing at all. The endless possibilities that entails this form of art, excites me the most. The use of paint and whatever else I can imagine to create organized chaos can at times highlight the imperfections of what it is to be human.


Although I have elements I know l will incorporate in a piece, the end result is always a wonderful surprise. In some instance I never truly know what to expect. The entire process is an amazing journey filled with emotional ups and downs that brings me the feeling of great satisfaction once a piece is complete.


My work not only focuses on painting the canvas; I look for ways to manipulate the canvas itself.  I want the viewer to be captured into taking a moment with the piece created. I design and build bold elaborate frames to bring every piece to life. My work has a presence that can easily be distinguished. The woodworking is laborious; however, it serves as the DNA of my work. The pairing of the two, canvas and frame, is a marriage that cannot and must not be broken.